Shacmoto Truck

United Al Saqer Heavy Equipment (UASHE) is pleased to offer the Shacmoto truck UAE as the ultimate symbol of dependability in the world of heavy-duty trucks. 


TM-ZE300 series
TM-ZE300 series- 3 Ton Loader Crane Max.Lifting Capacity : 3030 kg x 2.3m Boom Length - 3.52m - 12.30m
TM-ZX1500 series
TM-ZX1500 series- 15 ton Loader Crane Crane Capacity :15t x 2.0m Boom Length - 5.3m - 18.5m
TM-ZT500H series
TM-ZT500H series- 5 Ton Loader Crane Max.Lifting Capacity : 5050 kg x 2.5m Boom Length - 3.77m - 13.34m
TM-ZT1000 series
TM-ZT1000 series- 10 Ton Loader Crane Max.Lifting Capacity : 10t x 1.4m Boom Length - 4.4m - 15.92m

Shacmoto Trucks – For Heavy-Duty Tasks

Shacmoto UAE trucks are designed to handle the most difficult jobs easily. It doesn’t matter if it’s mining, construction logistics, transportation, or other industrial or heavy-duty job, these trucks are up to the task. 

Why choose UASHE?

High Quality

Trucks are constructed to last and adhere to strict quality standards. Equipped with modern technology as well as precise manufacturing, these trucks offer incredible reliability and endurance.

Extraordinary Performances

They are equipped with powerful that can handle large loads and difficult terrains easily with ease, which ensures smooth operation and improved productivity.

Safety as well as Comfort

Beyond performance, these trucks prioritize the security and comfort of the crew and driver. The ergonomically designed cabins are complemented by modern security features, and drivers can be confident and comfortable.

Expert Assistance

At UASHE, we provide professional support and advice to assist you locate the ideal Shacmoto that meets your needs, and ensures that you invest in the right vehicle in your business.

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