PM Knuckle Boom Cranes

Many of the PM models have been enhanced with the new Plus/Radio – Easy, Basic and Advanced systems, which make them even more powerful, reliable and versatile, compared to other models of the same capacity already available on the market. The increased productivity in everyday operations generates an immediate return on investment.


Truck Mounted Cranes

PM 15522
Crane Capacity :14.30tm - H: 8.45 mt & V: 11.75 mt
Crane Capacity : 30.40 tm - H: 14.85 mt & V: 17.85 mt
Crane Capacity : 17.0 tm - H: 8.00 mt & V: 11.90 mt
PM47525 PX
Crane Capacity : H: 14.00 mt & V:18.45 mt
PM 24022 PX
Crane Capacity :21.10tm - H: 8.00 mt & V: 11.00 mt
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