Pettibone Special Machineries

Since 1881, Pettibone has repeatedly established its place as the industry original for material handling equipment.

CARY-LIFT: The Pettibone Cary-Lift is the ultimate machine for moving and placing pipe, poles, logs, scrap and other materials. The line of rough terrain forklift is engineered to deliver enhance visibility and stability where other vechicles fall short. Purpose-built to handle heavy loads, the Cary-Lift can unload gondola cars or navigate tight stockyards with ease

SPEED SWING: The PettiboneĀ® Speed Swing is the original do-it-all rail crane. Designed to tackle a variety of railroad maintenance applications, Speed Swing provides the power to lay rails, set ties or clear the path ahead.


Cary Lift
Heavy load handler from Pettibone
Speed Swing
Designed to tackle a variety of rail applications
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